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Pop Noggins is a great new video entertainment system that will keep your guests and customers overly satisfied with laugh out loud fun.Pop Noggins utilizes state of the art equipment to superimpose your larger than life head on to a Boogie Body, giving the impression that you are an accomplished dancer for a variety of songs & stage scenarios. Pop Noggins is simply hilarious! We guarantee a non-stop laughter factor as you watch your friends, family and strangers sing and dance to some of today's most popular songs and yesterday's favorite oldie.

Pop Noggins customers don't leave empty handed either. Once the song is completed, the guest receives a DVD of their Pop Noggins experience to replay at home! Pop Noggins offers fun for the whole family. It can stir up laughter and liven any party, arcade, fair ground, cruise, bar mitzvah, amusement park or family entertainment center.


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Marcela "Mama Clown" is
recognized as one of the
premier facepainters in the
USA. She is a published
author of many books on
face painting as well as the
publisher and editor of Face
and Body Art

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